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    Rockin My New Chair

      A few months ago I came across this really cute rocking chair at a garage sale.  I had been wanting a rocking chair for some time and for only ten dollars I was able to bring this beauty home.  At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do any changes to it.  I didn’t want to take away from its history.  I thought about only changing out the trim as it was coming undone.  But after a few months of debating it, I decided the floral pattern (as much as I liked it) was fighting for attention with the rest of the décor I have in our home. …

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    Kitchen Peninsula

    It’s been a few weeks since my last blog post.  And even though writing had a halt, life didn’t.  After I finished (or I should say started) the project with our television build in, I went back to our kitchen/dining area to tackle our kitchen peninsula.  Just like our television build in used to be an eye sore, the peninsula was no different.  I attempted convincing my husband to make the peninsula one level when we worked on the kitchen but that didn’t work.  The bar side is higher than the counter space.  For a really long time we didn’t really use the bar.  It was to high for the…

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    Bare Space

    There are so many spaces in our home that still feel empty and in need of some coziness.  This time around, it was the turn for our entertainment center to get some love and attention.  Our home, like many others, was part of a batch belonging to a monetary transaction.  Just part of the creation of another suburb.  Some people have the opportunity to build their home or at the very least make lots of the decisions that go into building it.  That was not our case.  We are blessed to call this house our home, and the process of calling it ours has been one very long roller coaster…

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    Easy Red Enchiladas

      One of our favorite dishes to enjoy in our Grey House is Enchiladas.  I have played with this recipe for a really long time until I finally got it just right (at least for us).  Like I’ve mentioned before the gastronomy in Mexico is very extensive, and the same goes for making Enchiladas.  There are many varieties and many options when it comes to making them.  There’s red enchiladas, green enchiladas, and mole enchiladas, just to name a few.  And then there’s different ways and flavors you can use to make them.  Growing up, my mom usually made red enchiladas using homemade sauce, and this is how I learned…

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    Breakfast Nook

    When we first moved into this house, I had a hard time envisioning how I would set up our breakfast nook.  It does not have a lot of room to work with.  Getting a table in that space and being able to move around would be a challenge.  My first thought was to make the sitting room our formal dining room.  I had a table in there for a couple of months, but who was I kidding, we’re not “formal” anything people.  Our kids were too young at that time to be eating at our very tall breakfast bar so I had to bring the table back into the breakfast…

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    These days have been a little more light and airy.  Why, you might ask.  Well, for starters  I am trying to apply the “less is more” approach to my life.  The earth revolves and orbits so rapidly.  The days pass by in a flash and seem to not care to stop for no one.  Why be attached and carry any extra baggage through our existence.  Life gets so much easier when you focus your time and energy on what truly matters.  And while cleaning my life of unnecessary things, I also tackled my closets.  It started as Spring Cleaning but it made its way into Summer.  It is so easy…

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    Arriverderci For Now

    Our last travel adventure included pasta, pizza and beautiful art.  I do have to say it was audacious on my part to make this trip.  For starters, my husband and I did this trip without our kids.  Being ten days and more than 6,000 miles away from my munchkins is not an easy task.  What can I say, I am a homebody.  There’s nothing I love more than a good movie at home in the company of my tiny family.  But I also know that there is a beautiful world that God gifted us out there and I would be crazy not to want to explore it. So after being…

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    5 More Minutes

    What is the value of time?  Why don’t we ask the mother in labor.  Or the guy that will be late to work because he missed the train.  How about the wife that is impatiently waiting the arrival of her loved one because he has been gone for months. But never had time had more relevance to me than after I became a mother.  It seems that I’m always fighting against time in some way or another.  “Five more minutes” she says while sliding down the slide.  “I’m coming, I’m almost finished” he says.  Because he must complete that level that he has been working so hard on.  Those five…

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    Painting is one to my favorite tasks to do when it comes to renovating.  And I have to say the more projects I do, the better they turn out (practice make better, right).  I have learned a lot along the way, but the most important thing that I have acquired is patience.  I am usually so eager to see the end result that I have to constantly remind myself that patience goes a long way.  And by that I mean prepping.  These steps I don’t love so much… cleaning, taping, sanding, etc.  Just give me the paint brush. Anyhow, I will tell you about a small project that I did…

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    Salsa de Tomatillo

      Salsa de Tomatillo is a common sauce used to accompany many Mexican dishes.  It is very easy to prepare and can definitely add a punch of flavor to any quesadilla, taco, or burrito.  You can also adjust it to your “picante” preference.  I myself prefer a mild taste, as really spicy flavors just make me angry and ruin my food.  So here is how I prepare my yummy tomatillo sauce… Ingredients: 7-8 medium size tomatillos 5 chili pods (I use Japanese Chili Pods instead of Chile de Arbol because they are a little milder) 1/2 cup water 1 garlic clove salt (to taste)   Wash tomatillos and chili pods…

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